OlfactexTM is the first in-cloud NoSQL database to provide full encryption in transit, at rest, and IN USE; but, we’re more than just a database... We eliminate mass data breaches and offer a complete, 360-degree solution to enterprises seeking to fully engage their business data in ways not previously possible.

  • Reduce costs and increase business agility by leveraging the cloud
  • Comprehensively satisfy regulatory compliance requirements
  • Precisely control and monitor access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Automate integration of new data types
  • Leverage the scalability of a data lake with the analytical capability of a data warehouse
  • Accelerate and simplify use of cognitive technologies
  • Eliminate risk of mass data breach
  • Empower knowledge workers with advanced analytic capabilities
  • Mitigate insider threats

And, with OlfactexTM, there is no performance degradation as a result of scalability, so you can rest easy knowing that it can grow to meet the demands of your organization’s needs.

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