Key Healthcare Assets Protected by OfxCloud

Medical device data, patient histories, financial information, and pharmaceutical data all require strong security controls such as data encryption and granular rights provisioning. This ensures that patients, designated family members and caregivers, appropriate medical staff, doctors, and other approved parties get the appropriate level of data access.

Such complex requirements create significant challenges for healthcare organizations who already struggle to maintain compliance with laws like the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The costs of maintaining compliance with laws and implementing strong, effective security controls remains far lower than the expenses associated with a data breach, including reputation damage, loss of consumer trust, and, for public companies, devalued stock.

Healthcare executives, in their struggle to find reputable vendors and reliable technologies, listed expense reduction as one of their top five concerns for 2017, per the Advisory Board Company’s latest Annual Health Care CEO Survey. [1]

This means that affordable, reliable technologies designed to protect healthcare-related data are a strategic priority amidst healthcare organizations, many of which are taking a strong look at OfxCloud — which offers expert protection of digital assets, while ensuring all authorized parties have the specific access they require. Simultaneously, OfxCloud prevents unauthorized users, internal and external, from getting their hands on confidential healthcare information and utilizes data encryption while information is in transit, at rest, and in use.

Patients expect easy access to their medical information for themselves, authorized family members, and caregivers. Therefore, healthcare organizations must devise ways to supply access while preventing cyber thieves and malicious insiders from copying or stealing that very same data. Internal policies, and punishment for not following them, can only go so far as more stories of internal and external data breaches make front-page news.

Secure your organization’s digital assets with a reliable solution that guarantees data encryption in all three states, allows granular rights provisioning, helps meet compliance obligations, and delivers peace of mind and confidence for executives and shareholders. Contact us today to learn more about OfxCloud, a complete 360-degree solution for enterprises seeking to fully engage their business data in ways not previously possible!

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