How OfxCloud™ Empowers Medical Providers Through Remote Access

Together with speed, security, and performance, one of the most powerful aspects of cloud-based storage is accessibility. Making data available to any authenticated user with an internet connection is a huge advantage for both distributed teams and challenging use cases.

OfxCloud™ combines this accessibility with best-in-class encryption, resilience, and availability — exactly what businesses and providers dealing with healthcare and medical information need. There are several advantages that come with this kind of accessibility and remote access.

Secure Medical Information Available Anywhere to Properly Authenticated Users and Applications
Accessibility and security must work together to provide the right level of access to the right data in the right way. All information held in OfxCloud™ is encrypted by default, whether it’s at rest, or being transmitted, analyzed, or managed.

This level of encryption, combined with powerful authentication and authorization policies, makes OfxCloud™ a great choice for sensitive medical information that could otherwise be accessed by hackers. In fact, it’s this level of protection that makes OfxCloud™ the best choice for distributed access.

All healthcare information is centralized, meaning that multiple applications, organizations, and users can access and update “one version of the truth.” These users can be based anywhere, and since the data is compatible with multiple systems, creating, managing, and updating it is fast, simple, and secure.

Medical Data is Not Compromised by Lack of Access to “Traditional” Applications or Storage Systems
Another key advantage is that healthcare data isn’t reliant on having access to one specific system or database. For example, after a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, hospitals can continue to access information provided they have an internet connection. This is true even if their onsite data centers are down.

This can easily extend to other parts of the world as well — when organizations like Doctors Without Borders travel to areas without much infrastructure, all they need is a laptop and internet connection to capture, update, and use medical information for people in need.

Looping in Other Medical Consultants and Expertise is Easy
Sometimes, you want a second opinion. In those cases, it’s easy to share healthcare data with medical experts and others. Whether its diagnostic results, images, treatment plans, or any other healthcare data, you can get opinions from anyone else with access to that information.

It’s time to think about data differently., When it comes to medical information, accessibility, and remote access, there’s really only one sensible choice — OfxCloud™.

The healthcare data experts at Panoptex strive to provide a unique, tailored big data storage, processing, and complex analysis solution that delivers optimum value as well as unrivaled security to customers. If you want to learn more about how we can help protect your organization’s healthcare data, contact us today at (407) 777-2555.

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